The word THAVARU in Kannada, (the state language of Karnataka State in India) means maternal-home , which has a great attachment to any Indian irrespective of cast, creed and age, where one will be very comfortable at all situations. Thavaru Trust came into existence in December 2006. The pioneer of this noble organization is a Doctor (child specialist) who had this trust vision in his mind ever since his childhood days. The main slogan of this organization is ‘HELPING HAND FOR POOR AND NEEDY‘.

About Founder Trustee-Dr. Palaksha rose from a middle class family in 1968 from a small town called Hassan which is in Karnataka state, India. Ever since his childhood, he has come across many circumstances which touched him, like poverty, difficulties of slum dwellers. Problems of old and sick that requires hospice care and inequalities in justice to poor and downtrodden people in the society. Though with the great financial difficulties he rose to become a child specialist (doctor) and at present serving the people in his home town Hassan since 1998.

Our Vision

To Provide Shelter for uncared Senior Citizen and abandoned babies and also make them feel at home. Give a better life for mentally and physically challenged.
Make Thavaru Public charitable trust a happy home for all the needy.

Our Mission

Helping orphans, Old people, terminally ill (by HIV, Cancer etc.,) who are poor viz., Hospice Care, Empowering the mentally & Physically challenged.

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Tax Rebate Notice from Government of Karnataka
          By observing the Thavaru Trust activities, Government of Karnataka has granted 12A & 80G certificate from the Income Tax Department. Under this tax exemption provision, any contributors to the trust will get 50% tax rebate. This is for the kind information of trust donors.

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by Cheque, Demand Draft or Banker’s cheque
In the Name of Thavaru Public Charitable Trust
Account No. (Saving Bank): 724144768
Bank Name: Indian Bank
Address: Church Road, Hassan – 573201, Karnataka
Phone: +91-08172-268756
Email: hassan [at] indianbank.co.in

In the Name of Thavaru Public Charitable Trust
Account No. (Saving Bank): 365104000005982
Bank Name: IDBI Bank
Address: Sampige Road, K R Puram, Hassan – 573201
Phone: +91-08172-260701/2
Email: customercare [at] idbi.co.in

In the Name of Thavaru Public Charitable Trust
Account No. (Saving Bank): 0365104000045456
Bank Name: IDBI Bank
Address: Sampige Road, K R Puram, Hassan – 573201
Phone: +91-08172-260701/2
Email: customercare [at] idbi.co.in

How can you help this noble cause?

Various ways to Help Us by SPONSORING>>
1. An orphan newborn child for its expenses -1000/month.
2. A HIV Positive Child for its Nutrients Supplementation – 500/Month.
3. A Child Education-600/Month.
4. Cloths for new born.
5. Funds to purchase land & to build facility for the trust activity.
6. By giving moral support & propagate information about the Trust for noble cause.
7. By working with the organization as a volunteer for Trust activities.
8. By helping the trust to start branches in different places with similar aims & objectives.
9. If you have any other ways to help us, we welcome your ideas.

Our executives

Founder and Managing Trustee
Dr. Palaksha H. K.
Founder and Managing Trustee
Mission Hospital, Hassan
email: palaksha at thavaru.net
Smt. Sheshamma
D.No.2638, Samaja Road
Hassan – 573201
Smt. Ramamani
Kalpana Airlines Building
Mission Hospital 1st Cross
Northern Extension
Hassan – 573201
Smt. Madhu Priya ‘Artist’
Next To Sri Krishna Kalyana
Mantapa, Aralikatte Road,
Northern Extension
Hassan – 573201
Advisory Board Members (Honorary)
Senior Advisor
A. K. Monnappa, I.A.S
Senior Advisor Thavaru,
Former Director For Women
and Child Welfare Department,
Government Of Karnataka,
Res: Judges Layout Ganganagar
Bangalore – 560032 (Karnataka)
Legal Advisor
Mr. G.A. Lakshmikantha
Advocate, Hassan -573201
Dr.Mahendra pal Gunapooti
Physcion in Spinal Issues
Saint Louis, Missouri, USA,

Our program


Trust has started following services/program along with the cooperation from like minded People and god’s blessings.

1. Thavarina Thottilu
          The literal meaning in Kannada language is "MOTHERS CRADLE". Under this project any unwanted, abandoned child/newborn will be left in the cradle by any one. Trust will take the responsibility of that child for its care, protection and further it will be placed for adoption through the court of law to the eligible childless couples as per the central government rules and regulations. Till date 136 children were rescued and saved.

2. Thavarin Asare
          A pioneering project under which HIV (Human Immuno Deficiency disorder) affected and infected children’s, orphans will be taken care with respect to their nutrition, medicine and education. Hence they are helped to live and die with dignity in this society as there is a bad stigma attached to this disease in the Indian society. Nutritional support & sanitary pad distribution to menstruating women or needy.

3. Thavarina Gnana-Deepa
          Under this project, education will be sponsored to poor and needy children who are unable to continue their education due to financial constraints. Special thanks to ‘Christ CBSE School and Joseph Nagar Convent’ located in Hassan.

4. Thavarina Sandhya Deepa
          A project under which senior citizens that are destitute and need care and shelter will be assisted to live happily in their old age in a good atmosphere.

5. Medical and Surgical Assistance
          A project in which poor and needy patients who are not affordable to buy medicines, blood and surgical implants, materials for their operations will be sponsored by the trust.

6. Shishu Kendra
          Under this program 0-6 yrs. age group orphan children will be taken care of their nutrition, care and protection in a homely atmosphere and if possible place them for adoption for his better future.

7. Thavarina Vikasana
          A pioneering project under which Rag Picking Children, School Dropout Children in slum areas will be motivated and bring them back to school.
        Methodology:-Trust Team will visit the selected slum everyday for 2-3 weeks in the evening to meet the children and their families. Children are made to play together, share stories, sing & dance together, they will be shown interesting child movies to get motivated to come back to school.Health Checkup Camp will be conducted at the end of the programme. After gaining the confidence in that area, trust team will visit their huts/ house to discuss with parents to bring them back to main stream.

thavarinda vikasana-Drive to streamline slum children
thavarinda vikasana-Drive to streamline slum children
thavarinda vikasana-Drive to streamline slum children
thavarinda vikasana-Drive to streamline slum children
independence day celebration at deaf & dumb school kids

8. Thavarina akshi
          Our Trust is affiliated by Lions International Eye Bank & B. W. Lions Super Speciality Eye Hospital, Bangalore as eye collection centre & have recognised dedicated eye collection centre.


Organisation Name
- Thavaru Public Charitable Trust, Hassan.
Registering authority
- Dept. of Women & Child Development.
Registration No.
- Reg No. 95/2006-07.
Licence Number
- WCD 248  SBB 2017
Licence issue date
- 14.12.2017
Period of validity
- w.e.f. 25.11.2017 to 24.11.2022




Our HELPING Institutions and Organisations

The below esteemed organizations are helping us to achieve our objectives:

1. Childrens Home Society family Services, -USA.
2. Inter- National Adoption Association -Italy.
3. Agenzija Tama Adoption Services -Malta.
4. America World Adoption, Elise Lowe, USA.
5. Thavaru Helping Hand-KMC Cherish 1987 -Dr.Mahendra Pal Gunapooti-Saint Louis, USA
6. Jeevan Ashraya Organisation for HIV Positive people – Hassan
7. Blood Bank of Govt Hospital – Hassan
8. the design tree – Bangalore (for online media activity)



Contact Address

Dr. H. K. Palaksha, Chairman
Aralikatte Road Northern Extension,
Hassan – 573 201.
Karnataka State, India.
Ph: (08172) 269582, 265897
Ph (O): (08172) 235370
Mobile: +91 9448069582
E-mail: trust@thavaru.net or thavarinathottilu@gmail.com

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